Now with removable strap

EpiTrain elbow support

The EpiTrain elbow support is now available with a removable strap for increasing its pain-relieving effect as required. The non-elastic lattice strap is fastened to the knitted fabric above the pad and is tightened around the tensed forearm with the fist clenched. If the arm is moved and strained, the strap exerts a comfortable counter pressure on the tendon attachment sites of the elbow muscles. It can be removed at any time if there is no need for extra relief. 

Patients therefore have the chance to adjust the pressure of the EpiTrain to suit their individual pain level during treatment. Since load peaks are counteracted right away, the strap also increases the preventative effect of the support in repeated, monotonous movement sequences, such as manual labor. 

This inexpensive EpiTrain product upgrade is being incorporated seamlessly into the production process. The new strap comes in blue on the titan and black EpiTrain or a natural color on the natural-colored EpiTrain.